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Unit 4B and 4D Weaver’s Court
Linfield Road
BT12 5GH


Office:    028 9023 2373 (9am-5pm)
24 Hour:    078 7016 3227 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Proparamedics respond to a 999 call out for service?

No.  The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) are the dedicated providers of 999 services.  Proparamedics may be asked to assist NIAS with non-emergency services at times of high demand but we are not permitted at this time to respond to a 999 emergency call.

How do I book a Private Ambulance service?

It’s simple. Just complete our contact form on the website with your contact details and a brief message of your query and we will contact you within 24 hours. If it is easier or more urgent just call 028 9023 2373 or 07870 163227 and a member of our Operations Team will be pleased to assist.

What sort of information do you require when booking?

Our Operations team will be happy to talk you through how our services work, but the following is a guide to the information that will be required;


  • Date and time of appointment/event
  • Customer/patient details such as mobility status, medications required or any specialist assistance needed e.g. nurse, paramedic, first aid only
  • Pick up and drop off destinations
  • Wait times if known
  • Any particular issues with physical layout of pick up or drop locations, i.e. steps, narrow stairs, use of hoist (Proparamedics staff do not use hoists so will liaise with family/carers if hoist use is required
  • Any specialist equipment needed e.g. bariatric stretcher/wheelchair
Are members of my family or a carer allowed to travel with me?

We are happy to accommodate a family member or carer as part of our service. At the time of booking, we will need to be made aware that someone will be travelling with you and if they have any special requirements.

Are your services free or is there a cost?

Proparamedics is a private limited company and so there is a cost to our services. We do however provide a value for money service at a time when you need care and assistance. We have numerous testimonials from customers who have been delighted with our services. Contact our Operations team for a quote. 

What does the cost include?

The costs are dictated by the type of vehicle required such as an ambulance or wheelchair adapted people carrier, the personnel required, doctor, nurse, paramedic or first aid personnel. A member of our Operations team will be happy to tailor the package to suit your needs. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cheques, cash, card (by telephone) or bank transfers. An invoice with information on payment options will be issued once the service detail has been agreed. Payment is required within X days of completion of the transfer.  

Do staff have to wear uniform?

Our staff do wear uniform and use PPE as required. If requested by a family at an event we will allow staff to wear appropriate dress code e.g. at a wedding it may be more appropriate for our personnel to wear suits. Our aim is to tailor our service appropriate to customer needs yet adhering to all Infection Prevention and Control and other clinical measures.   

Am I permitted to bring luggage with me in the ambulance?

Yes, we are happy to cater for reasonable levels of personal belongings to travel in the ambulance. If possible, please inform the staff at booking of the service in case any special considerations need to be taken in to account.

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