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Caring for your elderly parent at home

Download our FREE e-book below to learn more about how you can help your elderly relative to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Find out what you need to consider when caring for your elderly parent.

  • Help them maintain their comfort & independence
  • Are they receiving everything they are entitled to?
  • Ensure your parents receive the right medication at the right time
  • What about their safety & security?
  • How will your parent get to their important hospital appointments?

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An older relative living on their own may need various forms of support and assistance. Download our FREE ebook opposite to find out more about how you can help them maintain an independent lifestyle.


*We may contact you to see if you need any further assistance.

One of the questions we regularly encounter is how can elderly and/or infirm patients get to hospital on time for their appointments without having to wait all day for collection or be part of a group collection that makes missing an appointment a very real possibility.

Others tell us about how their elderly relative had to wait for hours following their hospital appointment to get a lift when all they wanted to do was to go home.

Find out how the Patient Transfer Service can help you ensure your parent or relative can be collected at a time convenient to them; go straight to their appointment under the supervision of trained ambulance/ medical staff; have their appointment and come straight home again with no hanging around.

Safeguarding & Your Sports Club

Download our FREE guide on Safeguarding & Your Sports Club to find out more about what you need to do in order to protect members who are children or adults at risk.

Running a busy Sport’s Club is often a thankless task taking up endless hours of organisation and planning. This is usually on top of a day job and leaves very little time for anything else.

This dynamic makes it very difficult for Club managers to find the time to ensure all areas of risk and compliance are addressed properly and consistently. 


Download your free guide!

In a bid to help Clubs protect members who are children or adults at risk, i.e. some of the most vulnerable people in society, and to enjoy the facilities and development opportunities which Sports can bring, we have developed this guide to Safeguarding & Your Sports Club. You can download your free copy here.

*We may contact you to see if you need any further assistance.

Please download a copy of the Guide to find out more about how you could apply Safeguarding principles at your Club. If you are currently trying to work out how to implement a Safeguarding policy or undertaking a refresh of what you currently do, the Training & Education Centre at Proparamedics offer a comprehensive range of training courses which are designed to help you build and implement a rigorous Safeguarding process.

Services We Offer

We offer a wide variety of services, tailored to your needs. 

Medical Repatriation

Specialist assistance to travel back to the UK or home after suffering an injury or accident abroad.

First Aid Training

Accredited HSENI training provider with a dedicated team of highly experienced clinical practitioners.

Patient Transfers

Non-emergency patient transfers for those who need assistance and transportation from home to hospital and doctor’s appointments.

Event Medical Cover

Medical cover for events large or small, from extreme sports to family fun days.

Infection Prevention & Control

A trained and experienced IPC team to keep your home & business virus and infection free.

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