Clinical Skills for non registered personnel


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Product Description

A one-day clinical skills and vital signs course would typically cover the basic skills needed to assess a patient’s physical condition and determine their vital signs. This type of course would be suitable for healthcare professionals or students who are new to clinical settings or want to refresh their skills.

The course may cover topics such as:

1. Anatomy and physiology: The course may start with a brief review of the human anatomy and physiology to help participants understand the various systems of the body.

2. Vital signs: The course will cover the main vital signs: blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate, blood glucose, and temperature. Participants will learn how to measure and record these vital signs accurately.

3. Patient assessment: Participants will learn how to assess a patient’s general condition, including their level of consciousness both GCS and AVPU , breathing rate, respiratory peak flow, and skin colour and record this using a NEWS2 score

4. Documentation: Participants will learn how to document their assessments and vital signs accurately in a patient’s medical record.

5. Inhaler techniques

Overall, a one-day clinical skills and vital signs course can be a valuable introduction to basic clinical skills and can help participants feel more confident and prepared when working with patients.

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