ProMediKids are running mini medics first aid courses suitable for ages 7-11

If you’d like to request a particular date for a course please get in touch


Proparamedics HQ, Linfield Road, Belfast BT12 5GH

Product Description

Mini Medics is an excellent first aid training program designed specifically for children between the ages of 7 and 11. It aims to provide basic first aid knowledge and skills to empower young individuals to respond effectively in emergency situations.

The Mini Medics first aid training typically covers the following topics:

1. Recognising an emergency: Children learn how to identify common emergency situations such as injuries, accidents, or sudden illnesses.

2. Staying safe: Children are taught the importance of personal safety and how to assess risks before providing first aid.

3. Calling for help: They learn how to dial emergency numbers, like 999, and effectively communicate with emergency services to provide necessary information.

4. Basic life support (CPR): Children are introduced to the concept of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and learn how to perform chest compressions and rescue breaths on manikins.

5. Recovery position: Children are shown how to place an unconscious person into the recovery position to maintain an open airway.

6. Importance of communication: Children are encouraged to communicate calmly and effectively with the casualty and other individuals at the scene.

It’s important to note that Mini Medics training does not make children certified first aiders. However, it equips them with foundational skills and knowledge to respond appropriately in emergency situations and potentially save lives.

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